Monday, 18 January 2010

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing

"...A True Rags to Riches Story
40-year-old Out of Work Woman Discovers How to Make Money Selling Other Peoples' Products & Goes From Zero Income to Making $7,000 per week!"

Trained as a legal advisor in the field of Medical Negligence DeAnna Dubois was made redundant in January 2009 after 10 years service, and went from a good income to absolutely nothing. & I mean nothing because one month after being made redundant, her husband was also made redundant. The income for the household which comprised of DeAnna, her husband and 3 children, came from her sons’ paper round money and her daughter’s part-time wage from working at a shoe store. Not very much but it was able to feed them!

Things were pretty dire and in the economic climate there were no jobs. Their car, a Land Rover Jeep had been repossessed; their 5 bed roomed house was on the brink of being taken away, bills dropped through the letterbox every morning and they had to wrap up in blankets to keep warm (couldn’t afford to put on the heating).

But DeAnna being DeAnna did not give up. Determined to provide for her family she started to research online businesses and was excited by the possibilities. Being used to carrying out research and writing legal documents, DeAnna created the ‘Made Eazee’ series which makes Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Article Writing, Traffic Strategies and SEO Services, easy to understand and put into action. She also did a couple of affiliate marketing courses and learned all she could about digital information products, and how you can make money from it.

The rest is history.

After two months of hard graft DeAnna began bringing in $3,000 a week, affiliate marketing other peoples products. By the time she added her ‘Made Eazee’ series her income rose and by the end of the first year she was bringing in $7,000 a week from just this aspect of her business empire.

Now, DeAnna wants to share her knowledge with you and show you how you can work from home and make money as an affiliate marketer, promoting other peoples products.

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